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We all know that electric sharpeners come in really handy especially when you always have a need for knives. However, not just any knives will do but knives that are in their top condition. There are a lot of electric knife sharpeners in the market that can maintain your knives in conditions that will suit your need perfectly. But what exactly should you look for when choosing an electric knife sharpener? Here are some pointers you should consider:
Safety above all other features - First of all knives are highly dangerous tools to start with, hence, we have to make sure that safety features are present to protect not only the knives but the user as well.
1. Check if the electric sharpeners have magnetic guides and covers. These guides will keep the shaved metal inside, to prevent miniscule metal debris from scattering all over. There is the always the possibility of getting metallic dusts in your eyes which can cause serious injuries.
2. There should also be hand guards to avoid getting your hands too close to the moving grinders. You may become too engrossed or underestimate the distance of your hand positioning; hence, a preventive hand guard can provide safety.
Consider the electric knife’s usefulness – You need an electric knife sharpener that can be versatile enough for majority of the knives in your kitchen. Some electric knife sharpeners can only handle straight edged blades while others can sharpen even the serrated ones. It is all a matter of usefulness as to which sharpener fits your kitchen best.
Consider models with multiple slots for energy-efficiency – Multiple slots will allow for multi tasking and will result to more efficient use of energy. It is best to use knife sharpeners that have different slots built in.
Some slots are for reshaping the blade and some are for honing or straightening the edges. Some even have additional slots for small or minor retouches to the edge of the blade. Some slots are for a specialized purpose like polishing the edges. The more slots in the device, the more capabilities are present and will not slow down the work in progress.
Consider models with different sharpening stages - It is better if you would choose an electric knife sharpener that has many stages. A single stage sharpener will not be able to remove the burr it has made after sharpening. A good electric sharpener has multiple stages to create longer lasting more durable edges. This way you would not need to sharpen your blades very often.
Consider models with diamond abrasives - It is best to use an electric knife sharpener that uses diamonds to sharpen your knife. Diamonds can greatly reshape the edge without much heat as a by product. Heat when sharpening the knife can cause the metal to weaken. Thus diamond abrasives are better than stones or steel abrasives.
These are only guides because you may also have to consider other factors like aesthetics or just the price. This is a brief overview on how you can decide on a good electric knife sharpener. You may even want to decide on saving up on it, so you can invest on the very best in electric sharpening knives.

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